Top 5 YouTubers in India


1. Bhuvan BamBeing one of the most Famous youtuber in India and being it mainly for his 18+ comedy videos. His channel called BB ki vines is the fastest growing channel on YouTube in India. People from both India & Pakistan are the main viewers of the videos on his channel. He is actually Delhi based 22 year old youtuber and he started his journey of YouTube in the year 2015. As his target audience are mainly the 18+ people so his early and starting fans came from Pakistan.

Channel: BB Ki Vines
About BB ki vines: This Channel BB Ki Vines is all about BB and some funny instances that happens around him & his family.

Monthly Income : $16000-$60000 monthly (approx)
2. Gaurav Chaudhary

“Technical Guruji” is the Top Tech Channel on YouTube owned actually by Gaurav Chaudhary. He just started this channel back in the month of October in the year 2015, back in those particular days he had just completed his M.E. (Microelectronics) from Popular BITS Pilani. Since the childhood days of his life he was always inclined up towards technology. He also used to upload 1 single video every single day, that used to get an average of views of about 300-400. But as it is said that “Patience pays off”. Now, Today, “Technical Guruji” has completed over 1 Million subscribers on his channel, with more than about 80 Million total of the video views on the channel, all this, just in a short term period of 16 months only.

Channel: Technical Guruji

About Technical Guruji: Technical Guruji is a TOP TECH CHANNEL, that mainly focuses on videos related to technology, you can find videos related to gadgets their reviews and unboxing too on the channel.

Monthly Income : $14000-$50000 monthly (approx)

3. Nisha Madhulika

A homemaker of food basically based in noida who choose up youtuber as career in the age of 56 and provided people with various Indian vegetarian dishes with very simple and easy steps. She is also an inspiration for those who think at the age it is difficult and a bar to start any kind of work. At the age of 54 , In the year 2007, she started a blog and after about 1-2 years she joined youtube. Now she has became one of the most famous Youtube chef and has also won the Youtube Top Chef India in the year 2014 .Even the Google CEO also praised her for her great efforts in her youtube channel.

Channel: Nisha Madhulika

About Nishamadhulika channel: Nishamadhulika makes vegetarian Indian recipes that are easy to cook and good to eat. Monthly

Income : $5000-$30000 monthly (approx)

4. Sahil Khattar

The most famous Sahil Khattar is actually the person behind the Being Indian videos channel and is now working with the popular Multi-channel Network called Culture Machine.

Channel: Being Indian

About Being Indian channel: Daily dose of humor and much more. It is one stop shop for all things Indian.

Monthly Income : $120,000-220000 (Approx)

5. Tanmay Bhatt

This chubby and fatty guy is the co-founder of the top YouTube channel known as All India Bakchod (AIB) and is also in the list of the most richest Indian Millionaires. He is also one of the famous YouTube stand-up comedian and has sometimes gained up popularity by always being up in controversy. AIB also features on the Forbes India’s 2015 list of the top most earning celebrities.

Channel: All India Bakchod (AIB).

About AIB channel: Make sketches, podcasts, web shows and other things for the internets validation.

Monthly Income : $9000-40000 (Approx)

May it be the Hardwork of Nisha Madhulika or the Success of BB Ki Vines because of his unique content , every single YouTuber is a master in his field, so up we listed the best of the YouTubers Currently in India, who entertain you and help you out in your daily to daily life, we hope you enjoyed reading up this article, if you did, then stay tuned to our platform for more such articles.


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