Top 5 Biggest Shopping Malls in World


1.New South China mall

The New South China mall is in China. The mall was inaugurated in 2005. This biggest mall has a total area of 8,920,000. The New South mall is a place for around 2,350 stores. There are seven major divisions of the mall based on the names of seven places. Like Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, Egypt, California and the Caribbean. The mall features some great things like the indoor and outdoor roller coaster, the two meter canal with gondolas, a duplicate of St. Mark’s bell tower, and many others.

2. Golden resources mall

The Golden resources mall is in Beijing China. This mall is also known as the Great mall of China. This biggest mall has a total area of 560,000 square meters. There are many stores in which you can shop and spend pleasant time. Here you can shop for some international and also local brands. Also there are food outlets at this place which offer good food. There is a nice parking space for your vehicles.

3. SM City north EDSA

The SM City North EDSA mall is in Philippines. The mall was opened in the year 1985. Here the total area is 5,360,000 square meters. The mall has more than 800 stores that also include dining areas. Here you will find not only shopping bit also dining, entertainment and much more than this. Here you will find an area known as the block which has five levels of retail shops and restaurant; also there is a huge cinema hall. Here you will find a beautiful sky garden.

4. Isfahan city center

The Isfahan city center is a super mall in Iran. The total space of the mall is around 465,500 square meters. This mall holds 750 plus stores that offer clothing, accessories, shoes and many other things of renowned brands. The other things you will see here are a five star hotel, hypermarket, museum, seven cinema screens, and many other in the list. Also there is a huge space where you can park your vehicle.

5. 1 Utama

1 Utama is a shopping mall in Malaysia. This mall has a huge place of 465,000 meter square. The mall was opened in 1995. It has more than 700 retail outlets. Here you can enjoy rock climbing, baseball batting, futsal and to name a few. The 1Utama also has a rooftop garden. Also there is a karaoke center, two film houses, a huge bowling alley and also there Are various things to enjoy. Also there is a huge parking center. You can shop, eat and enjoy in this mall.




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