Top 3 shopping websites in India


Hey Guys Now a days everyone knows about online shopping sites but most people don’t know the secure ecommerce websites. So today I am going to tell you about the Top 3 shopping websites in India.

Top 3 shopping websites in India


Amazon Is the first ecommerce website in world. The main website is and started on 5 July, 1994. Owner of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. When amazon started it has not good shipping but day by day increase and now became an awesome shopping websites platform. Everyday amazon customer increasing. URL is for Indian customers. Amazon always provide their customer awesome service experience their shipping time is good but not best. They have all brand and everything which are important in our daily needs. has great deal offer. Recently I ordered some books. I got my order in 6 days in good condition. Thus we can say is the awesome shopping website for everyone.

Website- Amazon

2. Flipkart is the second best shopping website in India. has been started in October 2007 by Sachin bansal and binny bansal. They have awesome shipping service,return,refund service. But their price is higher than any other ecommerce website. But in some products flipkart price is affordable. Flipkart is big ecommerce website in India recently it’s patch up with eBay.


3. Snapdeal is the third best ecommerce website in India. I don’t why it’s on number third, it should be on number second. Snapdeal started in February 2010 by Kunal bahi and Rohit bansal. Snapdeal is the best place where you can get your dil ki deal. It’s price good, quality of products also awesome. And shipping service of the company is so fast whenever I ordered something they deliver order in just 4 days. Snapdeal is also millions customers. They have awesome customer support they always listen every customer problems if you want to good things in lowest rates. I will recommend you go and purchase from snapdeal because they have always dil ki deal.

Website- Snapdeal

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