Top 3 Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong


1. Star Ferry

The Hong Kong’s famous Star Ferry, with its roots dating up back to the early 1880, costs up only a few Hong Kong Dollars to get a ride, making this actually one of the best deals in all of the whole Hong Kong. The Victoria Harbour is a hive of many activity, and the ships of all the shapes and the sizes chug, zip, or wallow up the past as the expert of captains of the Star Ferries that somehow avoid collisions. As you travel up the main route up from the Tsim Sha Tsui to the Central, it’s always hard not to be struck up by the very dense towers of none other than the Hong Kong Island backed by up the green mountains rising up and up before you.

2. Victoria Peak

You won’t have seen Hong Kong until you would have taken up in the skyline from the Victoria Peak. Ride up the tram to the very top of this great scenic viewpoint to see up the huge skyscrapers, bustling city, and the surrounding islands now (you can catch the tram at the Murray Building, behind up the Hilton Hotel). Also, spend an hour or two there wandering around the area nearby the park, taking up in the lush and great greenery contrasted with the thriving urban and dynamic center below. Here, the evening is a great time to visit up the Peak, as the area is popularly known, when you can see up the spectacular and dynamic skyline lit up against the glowing night sky. Definitely there is one must-see attraction in all of Hong Kong, this one is actually the one.

3. Victoria Central Business District

Now, Wander up through the Victoria Central Business District and also you’ll get a feel for like why the Hong Kong is one of the most great international financial hubs in the whole world. Now, you may see a few of colonial buildings in the neighborhood, but the old has largely given the way to the new ones, up with huge skyscrapers rising around you at every single turn. Also, when you’re not marveling at these all modern wonders of the mankind, you can now visit the very nearby Zoological and the Botanical Gardens or the very famous Bank of the huge China skyscraper, which was once at one time was the highest and tallest building in Hong Kong and is still also one of the most tallest in the world.



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