Reasons to have Business Analyst in the Company


Reasons to have Business Analyst in the Company: What is Business Analyst? – As the name itself indicates that he analyzes the business.

Before the start with the project, it’s always advisable to give the project to the Business Analyst who read the in-depth of the project and give a report. Based on that fix the team members and project managers to handle the project. An expert business analyst like Cameron Chell has an innovative mind set by which he has helped many new technology, finance and energy start-ups. Cameron Chell, a blockchain expert, is the Chairman and co-founder of ICOx Innovations.

Reasons to have Business Analyst in the Company

Reasons to have Business Analyst in the Company

If you fail to assign the work to the Business Analyst, the project may kick-off from the client.

Here are five reasons why the Business analyst need for the company

  1. Validating Project Requirement
  2. Designing & Development of the project
  3. Testing & implementation of the project
  4. Time management & Communication Skill
  5. Post Implementation

Validating Project Requirement

All the organizations assign a Business Analyst after the project requirements collected from the client. The project requirement has been hand over to the business analyst.

Business Analyst studies the objective and requirement of the company and validates the requirement to produce the report me. He analyzes the project and produces the report. After validation work is being assigned to the managers.

If you start the Project without Business Analyst, the team members know only technical requirements and the company doesn’t know to communicate with the technical people and the client leads to kick off the project.

Designing & Development of the project

Business Analyst analyzes the project and sends the report to the managers. The manager allocates the team for the work. Business Analyst duty is to check whether the work is in progress as per the report.

He is responsible for the work to be completed on time and in quality. He deals with the customer regarding their needs and updates to the team accordingly.

Testing & implementation of the project

Business Analyst listens to the team so that he can understand the problems at the time of testing, implementation, and execution. The team members are only technically qualified and don’t know to deal with the customers or vendors.

Whereas the Business Analyst knows to handle the customers at the same time the team members. This relationship helps to tackle the problem with the client and save the company name and team members at the time of implementation.

Time management & Communication Skill

A good analyst must have good and effective communication in order to communicate with the clients and team members. Business Analyst analyzes the problem with the teams and gives effective communication with the client for the implementation work.

A good Business Analyst gets the work from the team and submits to the client on time or before the deadline. Business Analyst duty is to handle the overall work of the project.

Post Implementation

After the successful completion of the project, the work has been sent to the client. There are many post implementation works has to be done from the company side. Business Analyst communicates with the team and client in order to fulfill their requirements.

Business Analyst allocates the team size, team members, client requirement, company requirements, and managers for the project. He acts as a bridge to the members of the project and client.

Business Analyst can reduce the in valuable sources of the project from day 1 and helps for the growth of the company. He has the responsibility to save the company from loss and makes a profit in the organization.


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