Rajinikanth And Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 To Release In Almost 12,000 3D Screens


In a first for Indian cinema, Director Shankar’s ambitious upcoming sci-fi project, 2.0, is being made entirely in 3D. In other words, the film isn’t just going to be converted to 3D during post-production to take advantage of higher ticket rates for 3D prints, but it’s actually being shot in 3D to give the audience a heightened theatrical experience.

So, in order to fully exploit its advanced shooting method, the Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer will release in 1500 3D screens in India and over 10,000 3D screens in China. This will ensure that the audience gets more than their money’s worth while also making full use of the painstaking efforts gone into the making the film.

The Baahubali films may have revolutionized the way Indian cinema can be conceptualized and shot, but it looks like 2.0 is going to set the bar even higher.
Source- Movified


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