Media.Net Review: Hello Guys Today I Am Going To Tell You About My Adsense Alternative Media.Net Review. Review Is another company who will provide you ads service as like Google Adsense. They will give you money as like Google Adsense after reaching your $100 in your account. But I think provide high cpc ads always because is the company of bing And yahoo and both companies are international. Yahoo and being famous in high cpc countries so you have 80% chance to get awesome earnings then google Adsense.

Media.Net Approval Process

First you need to visit their website Media.Net then you will a form to submit your website. You just need to provide your email and website URL. They will review your website in just two days and approved your website.

Media.Net Ads type

Media.Net provide you text type ads and the benefit of their ads they will provide articles related ads. Example– if Your article is about insurance then their ads unit just display about insurance companies ads.

 I started using Media.Net 10 Days ago and they provide you awesome clicks earnings. And their is no problem of ctr. Because they pay per 1000 impressions

But they have some strict rules so you need to Care about them.

  1. You can not click own ads. If you click they will trace your ip and ban your account immediately. So carefully
  2. Never post sexual and other Articles which against there policies.

Media.Net Works With Adsense Properly So There Is No Problem With Adsense So You Can Earn Extra 100$ from Media.Net.

Although We can say Media.Net is awesome company as like Adsense. Best Adsense Alternative.


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