Kapil Sharma replaced Navjot Singh Sidhu in the show? That’s Shocking!!


Navjot Singh Sidhu is upset with Kapil Sharma for replacing him with Archana Puran Singh, according to reports.

These days controversy is Kapil Sharma‘s middle name and he has fallen into one yet again. Just when you think, the comedian is done with his share of controversies, a new one pops up. Recently Kapil cancelled his shoot with Arjun Rampal making the actor go back, the comedian had done the same with Shah Rukh Khan and a few other actors, but that’s not enough there was more drama to unfold.

It has been reported that Kapil has made the laughter king of the show, Navjot Singh Sidhu upset with his actions, After Sidhu failed to attend the show due to his ill health, Kapil replaced him with a special guest for the evening, Archana Puran Singh.

Yes, you read that right. Kapil Replaced Navjot Singh Sidhu with Archana Puran Singh.
Apparently Kapil had asked Archana to fill in for Sidhu, which the latter took offence to, as the two (Archana and Sidhu) don’t like each other much, according to the same report. Sidhu was grossly upset with Kapil’s decision to induct Archana and had a big showdown with him on the phone.
As per the reports in the entertainment portal Spotboye after Sidhu’s call, The Kapil Sharma Show team immediately informed Archana to not report on the sets for the Jacqueline Fernandez-Sidharth Malhotra shoot.

It is obvious that Navjot Singh Sidhu issued an ultimatum: Me and nobody else.
The Kapil Sharma Show is running in and out of the Top 10 shows list for quite some time. The TRPs fluctuate and how! If it’s one of the top 5 shows this week, it drops out of the top 10 the next week.

Source- Wingding


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