How To Select The Right Dining Table For Your Home?



How To Select The Right Dining Table For Your Home?: Dining tables have always been an important part of the furniture in the house. They complete the aesthetic design of your home. If the dining table is not chosen correctly, it will not only be inconvenient to use but it will also mess with the aesthetics of the whole place. There are different types of dining tables available based on the size, shape and the number of seats. The dining table is chosen after keeping in mind all the three factors. If you miss on one of the factors of consideration, the dining table will not come in as useful as it is expected to be. The dining tables can be made of different materials which have to be considered too. The dining tables are an expensive investment but if the investment is made correctly, you will not regret it in the future. Here are a few considerations before you research the different dining tables to suit your needs and the needs of the home.

How To Select The Right Dining Table For Your Home?

Right Dining Table For Your Home

Top tips to consider

The sturdiness of the dining table

A dining table is an expensive investment, it cannot be sold off or put out of use after a year or so. The sturdiness of the table will not only ensure the longevity but it will also look good when kept in the room. A good dining table is the one which lasts longer with the color and the legs still intact. If your dining table is going to go under a lot of stress, wear and tear, stains and the mess, it is good to select the table which is made of hardwood. The dining tables made of maple, oak, walnut or teak wood, last longer even after undergoing wear and tear. The ply which is composite might be durable but it may not last long.

Portability of the table

The portability of the table is an important factor to be considered before buying it. Moving the table from one place to another might not be that frequent but it is important that the table is transferable. If the dining table is made of a square or a rectangular shape, it becomes bulky and heavy. This makes it difficult to shift it from one place to another. However, if you are choosing a circular top, it is easier to carry. Whenever the need arises, the legs of the table can be dismantled and the top can be shifted individually and be assembled on the place where it is to be kept.

Modular tables

Modular tables are generally for the people who do not have a stable life. If you are someone who changes the house every year in order to achieve progress in life, the modular tables serve the best. The modular tables are not made of hardwood. They are either made of composite materials or materials such as hard laminated plastic. These tables are such that they can be assembled and dismantled whenever and wherever the user wants to. They are not heavy in weight and thus, can be shifted easily too. The investment in the modular tables is low and hence, the life is also shorter than the ones made of hardwood.

The shape of the table

There are different shapes of the dining tables now available in the market. There are a few odd shapes along with the regular shapes such as rectangular, square and circular. If you have a dining room which is square and compact, the roundtables are the perfect match. The dining tables with the circular tops can easily fit into compact rooms and the chairs can be mixed and matched too. It also allows flexible sitting. However, if the dining hall is large, you can opt for the rectangular or a square top dining table. One can book the table online using various websites like Kohl’s, macys etc.

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Unique styles of the top

As the designing field progresses, there are different designs of the dining tables coming up. You can see an oblong-shaped top, oval or a crescent top which are making their way to the top of the markets. These tops generally fit into the compact room because they occupy lesser space. These tops also seat more people than the regular top.

Experimenting with the colors

The bright hues add a hint of splash to the room. If you are going for the bright colors, according to the trend, you should be ready to either change it after a year or use the oddly looking dining table for the coming years. This is because the trends keep changing. The bright colors would be a trend today and a fail tomorrow. If you are someone who is investing a lot into the dining table, stick to the basic colors. The colors such as white, yellow and blue never go out of style. These colors can also merge with the room colors easily. Checking the contrast is the key to selecting the color of the dining table.

Tables of the retro style

Retro styles never go outdated. You may have got the table as an inheritance or may have purchased it from an auction. The retro furniture pieces should not be sold off. If you have got it from the upper generation, there is no shame in using it. You can design the whole dining room based on the retro look. This will stand apart from the other dining rooms which are running behind the modern designs.

Number of seats

The size of the dining table matters a lot. If you do not have a large room assigned to the dining, there are different ways to arrange the seating on the table. If you buy a rectangular top, it may not fit into the room. Same is for the square. But, if you have a compact room, you should go for the circular top of the table. The circular top has flexible seating and hence, accommodating all the members who are dining. It will also be easier to move the table if it is in the middle of the way after the dining is done. You can look for the dining tables on jcpenny website.



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