Converting PDF to PowerPoint Is No More A Hard Nut to Crack – Get Your Hands on The Best Free Converters


Converting PDF to PowerPoint Is No More A Hard Nut to Crack – Get Your Hands on The Best Free Converters: I usually prefer mailing my PDF document than a presentation or a Word doc. They are usually self-contained,and you do not need to be worried about Microsoft Word highlighting the typing errors on your document. With MS Office 2013, Microsoft launched indigenous support for PDF files. In the past, we’d to use applications such as PDF Writers and Paperless Printers to convert a Power Point presentation or a Word doc toPDF. However, with Office 2019, you can easily use the Save As option and directly create your PDF document. I know many people would already have saved some of the PowerPoint presentation files as a PDF document. But have you tried opening PDFfile back again in MSPowerPoint? If you have not seen the example. PowerPoint did give me the PDF but then was unable to load it when I wanted to edit a couple of things.

Converting PDF to PowerPoint Is No More A Hard Nut to Crack – Get Your Hands on The Best Free Converters


Therefore, to make things simple, today I’m going to list down three online PDF to PPT converters/tools you can use. Who knows when they might come in handy.


Sodapdf is undoubtedly an awesome tool to convert a PDF document to any of the MS Office file formats. Apart from converting, you can easily rotate pages if required. This tool also works best for the protectedPDFfile and gives a provision for entering the username and password for conversion. The particular limit can easily set to fifty pages per file, in case you need only particular pages, arrange them before the conversion.


If you are looking for a no frill tools where you can easily input a PDF file and get a PPT file as an output, SmallPDF is actually the best converter for that. To convert the files, open the SmallPDF homepage and drop your PDF from your explorer. The file will be auto found and converted. With no hassle. There are no email signups, no waiting time required. It is possible to download your file and continue with your projects. There is also a choice to donate to the website via Bitcoin or PayPal.


So, say the least, all these tools could be adequate for any situation. But even then, if you want to take note of an alternative solution, The PDF must be bookmarked. It is an easy service where one can upload PDF documents and download it as PPT, or any other Microsoft Office format.

No further options are available, and the document conversion may take extra time in comparison to the tools mentioned above.

Bottom line

So, these are 3 PDF to PowerPoint converters which won’task you for your money or email address. Also, no watermarks which may really be bothersome. So, if you ask me for the verdict, I would suggest you bookmark Sodapdf, why? Because it features many other converters and especially their online free PDF editor which you can do everything on from editing, converting to OCR and inserting media or images. You can use it with extra and advanced options by buying their home or premium plans.


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